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“Savior of the World” Bible Study
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that
whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
  John 3:16 (NIV)

This Bible study course is in PDF format to fit 8.5-inch by 14-inch sized paper.  Most are two pages and meant to be copied on either side of one piece of legal-size paper and tri-folded.  [For the original “God So Loved The World” Bible Study in HTML format, which can be printed onto any size paper, click HERE.]

For the entire course (72 pages, 6.46 MB) in PDF format, click HERE.  For individual lessons, choose from the list below.  Use your browser’s “back” button to return to the index.

(If your browser indicates the document is “done” yet the screen remains blank, close and open the browser you’re using or switch to another browser.  If you still have trouble seeing a file in your browser, right-click on the link of the lesson you want and save the file to your own computer, then open with Acrobat.  Get this program for free at Adobe.)


Part 1:  The Incredible Good News of the Gospel

1. Why You Need a Savior
2. The Love of God
3. The Truth As It Is In Christ
3a. Supplement: The Two Adams
4. The Supreme Sacrifice of Christ
5. The Cross of Christ

Part 2:  Experiencing the Power of the Gospel

  6. Justification by Faith
  7. Baptism Into Christ
  8. The New Birth
  9. Walking in the Spirit
10. The Two Covenants
11. Law and Grace
12. The Blessed Hope


Part 3:  Biblical Doctrines in the Light of the Gospel

13. The Godhead
14. The Doctine of Creation (with supplement)
15. Entering God’s Rest
16. Christian Stewardship
17. The State of the Dead
18. Spiritual Gifts
19. Christian Lifestyle

Part 4:  Eschatology — Last Day Events

20. The Sanctuary
21. The Pre-Advent Judgment
21a. Supplement: Advent Judgment?
22. The Day of Atonement
23. The Remnant and the 144,000
24. The Millennium
25. The New Earth

Where Do We Go From Here? (Contains Scripture Index)

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